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We measure the success of our treatment on the Results our patients achieve.

How do we measure Results? We ask you.

At the end of your treatment we ask you to fill out a short form. We ask to answer 2 questions:

  1. What can you NOT do now that you could do before the onset of your condition or injury? such as: "I couldn't lift my arm above my shoulder without pain." or "I was afraid to walk because I thought I would fall."

  2. What can you do after treatment?

We are proud of all of our Results, but here is one of that we are particularly proud of because of how far this person came from his condition when he started, to his current condition.

"Prior to the PT I required Botox shots 4x per year to prevent near constant back spasms. My range of motion was extremely limited and my back hurt. After the PT I no longer require Botox shots, my back rarely hurts, and I can more frequently engage in my favorite sports (mountain biking and whitewater canoeing) with no pain. Janice and her team have devised a customized set of exercises that has been wonderfully effective. My back is better now than at any time in the last 20 years!"

Another Result we are proud of:

"I came in with significant pain because of Arthritis. Jen was amazing and worked with me to find the right combination of exercises to help me strengthen my back. Now I am in no pain daily and use the exercises to maintain my pain free life. I have been in PT many times in my life, and this has been one of the best experiences. Thank You!"

Below are links to results from years 2010 to 2017. Unfortunately some patients request that we not post their results so not all are listed below. Hopefully the 300 posted will give you a good idea of how well our patients acheive their goals.

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Physical Therapy For Parkinson's
A program specifically designed with the special needs of the Parkinson's patient in mind. Click to see our brochure.

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